Texas CEOs Build a House in the Time it Takes to Have a Business Meeting

2 Hour House – A Blueprint to Build the American Dream

(TYLER, TEXAS) You wouldn't think that building a house in less than three hours is possible, but Brian Conaway did it. Brain Conaway went on to write about his experience in the #1 bestselling book - 2 Hour House: Leadership From the Ground Up, and launched a company to help others build their own 'impossible' dreams.

This inspiring story was set in motion when Brian Conaway, President of Conaway Homes, led a team of 549 plus volunteers in Tyler, Texas, to achieve the impossible: build a 2,249 square foot house in the time it takes to have a business meeting: two hours and 52 minutes and 29 seconds. They set a world record and benefited six local charities. However, the most amazing thing about the project wasn't building the house in record time, it was the development of a new methodology anyone could use to transform a seemingly impossible vision into reality.

Jose Feliciano, founder of Feliciano Financial Group, a wealth management firm in Tyler, saw the footage of the 2 Hour House and was inspired. He realized that the 2 Hour House had a magical impact on everyone involved. The feat so impressed him that he approached Conaway to bring the 2 Hour House lessons to life in the most innovative workshops and publications on the market today.

2 Hour House, LLC is designed to serve as the ultimate vision building resource for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders. The company offers a combination of innovative learning techniques, inspiring stories, skill-building courses, and a dynamic product line designed to equip anyone who has a grand dream, with the tools to build it. The company's can-do approach, is based on the possibility-thinking attitude born out of the sensational 2 Hour House Project.

2 Hour House is now taking the nation by a storm, introducing a single source for leaders who want to define and build their own "impossible" - missions that will fulfill their lives and callings. "We've provided leaders with the most powerful tool they need: a process for generating innovative ideas and constructing visionary dreams. The fundamentals that have always made America so great." says Brian Conaway.

When asked if 2 Hour House is a company or a club, Jose is quick to respond. "Neither. 2 Hour House is more like a fraternity of like-spirited individuals with a hunger to reignite the innovative, can-do drive that makes America so great. We encourage men, women, and students - all builders of dreams - to eliminate the word 'impossible' from their vocabulary." Conaway adds, "Building a home to code in less than three hours resonated with everyone. We demonstrated that virtually anything can be done if you have the right people, a smart process, simple applications, imagination, and an inspiring purpose.