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    Breaking Rules and Breaking Records
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    Innovation, creative thinking, and break-thru strategies!
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    from the Ground Up
    Breaking Rules & Breaking Records!

The 2 Hour House

A remarkable example of how we can all learn to turn an impossible to an IS possible! Innovation, creative thinking, and break-thru strategies for managing our lives is the core of this program. The ultimate example of Leadership from the Ground Up!

Welcome to The 2 Hour House

Great communication is a collaborative process with clearly defined and expected goals. A group’s success fundamentally depends upon how its individual members work together. Individuals work more effectively and enjoy their work more when they have genuine personal relationships with their colleagues.

Yet, until 2HH, the problem with most communications programs has been the “groupthink” approach ─ teaching theoretical tricks and techniques that will help others “hear” what you are saying. Just like the comedian with a joke that needs to be explained to the audience, a manager that is constantly bothered with the minutia of a particular project has failed to communicate effectively. 

Our Clients

Breaking rules and breaking records. Changing the mindset from impossible to IS-possible!


Achieving extraordinary goals takes precise planning. The objective of this unit is to help you analyze the steps needed to create a plan for the success of your ambitious goal.

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"Great goals get everyone on to their feet and inspire extraordinary human achievement. It’s not that are goals are too big, they’re often too small to become reality."

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Efficiency is the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy — a percentage of the result that could ideally be expected.

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Organization is critical to success. Knowing the project objectives and how each goal fits into the big picture, ensures we can all focus on a common goal.

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The 2 Hour House is an amazing example of what can be done when a committed team of people pays no attention to what they have been told is impossible.

Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

At Southwest we expect our leaders to "Build Great Teams." The 2 Hour House demonstrates the impact of effective teamwork through role and goal clarity.

Graham Vandergrift, Southwest Airlines