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2 Hour House Leadership Package

DVD, with companion Workbook, and Amazon best-selling book "The 2 Hour House"

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This package includes the "Making of the 2 Hour House" Documentary DVD, the Amazon #1 Bestseller "2 Hour House" book, and the "Leadership from the Ground Up" workbook.

2 Hour House Documentary:

A remarkable behind-the-scenes look at one of the most complex construction projects ever planned and executed. A success story that has to be seen to be believed! This exciting documentary looks back on how a group of 400 skilled workers and volunteers came together with the single vision of building a 2249 square foot house, complete from the ground up, in less than three hours and, in the process, set a new world record and created the global mind-shift that nothing is impossible.

Meet the men and women who made history by breaking all the rules and refusing to believe it couldn't be done. From the origin of this home building project, to its dramatic final moments, The 2 Hour House serves as an inspiration and tribute to the human spirit.

This truly motivational video about a real success story shows, by example, how pre-planning, team spirit and hard work can accomplish the impossible!

More than simply building a World Record house, this video provides excellent illustrations of extreme planning, critical path theory, timeline logistics, task delegation, value engineering, materials and labor coordination, all brought together under an intricate leadership structure.

The brilliant visuals are combined with in-depth interviews from key team members, compelling narration that guides you through all phases of the project and unbelievable footage from 5 cameras shooting simultaneously.

2 Hour House Book:

Proving that nothing is impossible if you believe it can happen, the 2 Hour House chronicles an East Texas builder's quest to overcome the odds, and accomplish what was perceived to be the impossible task of building a 2249 square foot house, from the ground up, in less than 3 hours. Either he would prove the doubters wrong and go down in history, or watch his dream go up in flames.

The inspirational story of how 579 skilled workers and volunteers came together on a Saturday morning in October to set a world record, help six charities, and change the way we all look at life and business as usual. The 2 Hour House phenomena is sweeping the nation, reigniting what has always been America's greatest strength: a belief that anything is possible, and innovation makes everything possible. The results: sensational change, one "impossible" at a time.

2HH is for anyone who has a dream of doing and being more. What the 2HH team learned about life, leadership and the persistence of the human spirit will motivate you to transform your own life, work, and home from the ground up.

Leadership from the Ground Up Workbook:

The "Leadership from the Ground Up" workbook allows the reader to walk through their own "impossible" the 2 Hour House way.


    The 2 Hour House is an amazing example of what can be done when a committed team of people pays no attention to what they have been told is impossible.

    Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

    A great read, I simply couldn't put it down.

    At every page I was impressed with the practical leadership principles and practices you need to take your business where you want to go. I am truly inspired to build a team and systems that take my business and my personal life to a whole new level. I'd like to thank Brian Conaway for having the vision to take this project on and for sharing it with fellow entrepreneurs and business people.

    Kirk Lowe


    At Southwest we expect our leaders to "Build Great Teams." The 2 Hour House demonstrates the impact of effective teamwork through role and goal clarity.

    Graham Vandergrift, Southwest Airlines

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