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What does building a house have to do with your business?


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The 2 Hour House Workshop details some of the most effective core leadership and teamwork processes that today’s employees can implement for success. The Workshop’s core materials offer real world examples, including Brian Conaway’s process and record setting project of building a 2300 square foot house in less than three hours.

Success requires insight, leadership, and choosing the right people who can really make a difference. Dedication, patience, hard work, attention to details, persistence, and consistency, a few of the characteristics that the 2 Hour House Workshop teaches, are necessary to accomplish both personal and professional goals.

Some of the following concepts and techniques are detailed throughout the Workshop to inspire employees to become productive and proactive:

  • Attention to detail makes or breaks a team or project

  • Nothing is impossible for an employee or a team that believes in what they are doing, and in the people they are working with.

  • Why sometimes choosing the most “qualified” experts isn’t as beneficial as hiring someone who might be less qualified, but has that indispensable quality of passion.

  • Persistence, even when accompanied by failure, always get you through the hardest trials.

  • Consistency in standards, expectations, and procedures not only helps employees work and feel better as a team, but also allows for customer’s expectations to be exceeded.

  • Video highlights of principles crucial to success.

  • The 2Hour House Book, DVD and Workbook as tools for reference.

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