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Systemic Approach Workshop

Full and half-day solution-based workshops for HR's and upper to mid-level management groups. 

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So what is the systemic approach exactly?

It is a practical, objective, three-dimensional way of viewing the state of a company without judgment or opinion. It offers insights into problems as well as practical solutions that enable companies to expand and flourish.

Systemic work allows us to view hidden patterns in a system quickly and efficiently, as well as who or what might be affecting the entire system. It demonstrates what is going on in a visual and experiential way.

What happens in a Systemic Workshop?

Typically in a workshop we:

  • Explain the three main principles that govern most systems.

  • Explore the possibilities and restrictions that arise when these principles are, or are not, respected in an organizational system.

  • Define ‘dynamics’ in organizations and explain how they affect the organization.

  • Determine the required elements for Dimensional Mapping of an obstacle or question within the organization.

  • Explore and discuss the dynamics in this particular organization,

  • Look at how the patterns and alliances might affect this particular organization

  • See what might strengthen or weaken the company

  • Discuss our insights into the situation and its possibilities or limitations

  • Look for one or two ‘next steps’ for the company

  • Dynamics within companies may be invisible but we feel their effects quite clearly. High employee turnover, low productivity, customer dissatisfaction, angry departments, frustrated employees, distant management teams are just some of the hotspots that can negatively impact organizations.

    Recently Time magazine spoke of Pattern Awareness Recognition as the 21st century skill set for consultants, HR’s, CEO’s and Owners of companies. Better known as Systemic Dynamics in Organizations, this approach is used throughout Europe by many Fortune 500 companies. They use an Organizational Constellation Consultant to shed light on what seem to be stubborn or baffling breakdowns in companies.

    In scientific terms, a constellation is a grouping of elements relative to each other within their common framework. In this case the elements would be the components of a business.

    Our complex business structures today are changing continuously at a whirlwind pace. New solutions require a change in thinking based on insights into the mechanisms at work in the system along with appropriate action. This is precisely where systemic work proves useful.

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