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2 Hour House

The 2Hour House is a remarkable example of how we can all learn to turn an impossible to an IS possible! Innovation, creative thinking, and break-thru strategies for managing our lives is the core of this exciting new program.

With his creativity, realization, and vision of what IS possible, Brian Conaway was able to plan and execute the construction of a 2300 square foot house from the ground up, in an unbelievable 2 hours and 52 minutes -- while exceeding all local building code requirements, and setting a new world record. By using many of the techniques now detailed in 2Hour House, Brian succeed by simply refusing to accept the obvious fact that no one can build a house in a little over two hours.

The 2Hour House is the ultimate event based, project management process – designed to change our understanding and acceptance of existing leadership, teambuilding, management expectation. It shifts the global mindset from ordinary to extraordinary, and inspires us to begin breaking the rules, so we can all break records in our business and personal lives.


Brian Conaway

World-record breaker, author, successful entrepreneur, and co-founder of 2 Hour House, Brian Conaway has been a builder his entire life – homes, relationships and now, he helps build the impossible.

A Graduate Master Builder, Brian serves as President of Conaway Homes - one of the most respected home construction firms in Tyler, Texas since 1978. His leadership has perpetuated what his father started before him, building homes that truly reflect the character of the family: solid, substantive and distinctive.

Craftsmanship is just as important to Brian as character, and it shows in the positions of leadership and the accolades he has had during his career. Brian received the Builder of the Year award in 2004, and has served as Area Vice-President of the Texas Builders Association. He was Director for the National Association of Builders and sat on the board of the Better Business Bureau. But it was his completion of a daunting building project that caught the attention of the world.

In October 2005, this “average” man, with the support of 800-plus volunteers, set a world record in Tyler, Texas. They built a 2,249 sq. ft. home - from the ground up - in 2 hours, 52 minutes and 29 seconds. This “2 Hour House” took two years of planning, highly synchronized collaboration, and benefited six local charities. Ultimately, it was the project’s strategic outcomes - uniting meaning to mission, people to purpose, and action to impact to achieve the impossible- that far exceeded everyone’s expectations and shaped Brian’s future.

The 2 Hour House served as a catalyst to pioneer new building methods, galvanized an entire community to work together, and initiated experimentation of innovative production techniques. This adventure generated breakthrough concepts, that when applied, would benefit every entrepreneur and CEO building a business.

Brian captured the key lessons from the experience by writing the 2 Hour House book. In 2007, his business partner, Jose Feliciano, transformed the 2 Hour House event into an eight-phase executive training program for business leaders across America. They also added a powerful DVD to their collection of teaching tools. The company will launch an interactive workbook and global apprenticeship program in March 2008. Their book and DVD are quickly becoming best sellers.

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Breaking rules and breaking records. Changing the mindset from impossible to IS-possible!