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What does building a house have to do with your business? EVERYTHING!

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Two Hour House began with an idea: the construction of a traditional concrete slab home – exceeding code, built within established building requirements, approved by city inspectors at each stage, all in under 3 hours.

In planning Brian Conaway knew: He could not use standard building techniques, they were too slow.

1. He needed solutions that did not exist yet.

2. He knew he would need a meticulous well-thought out process to coordinate an army of volunteers.

3. He knew he would have to have everyone watch the video of the previous world record at the same time to motivate the volunteers and believe it could be done.

Then on Saturday, October 1, 2005 the IS-possible was accomplished by building a 2300 square foot house from the ground up, in less than 3 hours:

  • Exceeded code in 2 hours 52 minutes

  • Set a new WORLD RECORD for building a house

  • 579 volunteers all COLLABORATED to achieve an extraordinary goal

Success lay in a number of key areas: Take a look at how we did it...

1. We defined the goal clearly and announced it.

2. Everybody was on the same page from start to finish.

3. Each team member’s role and contribution was clearly defined and respected.

4. Teams were created for all critical areas.

5. Leaders maintained clear communication.

6. Color coordination ensured swift identification.

7. Failure wasn’t an option.

8. Clarity was maintained down to the last stud.

9. Potential obstacles were identified and viable alternatives were tested ahead of time.

10. Concerns were addressed and resolved immediately.

11. Anyone who could not get on board was withdrawn from the project.

12. Business competitors personal differences were set aside.

13. Time and quality were top priorities.

14. Everybody learned to begin with the end in mind. Understanding the end product, they could reverse engineer their way to the goal.